Gwyneth Paltrow Details Extensive “Wellness Routine”

All throughout quarantine, many have attempted new routines to help get them through the days of lockdown. Now, Gwyneth Paltrow has shared her new routine that has helped get her through the last few months, and it’s definitely a bit extreme. The Goop founder details her intensive “wellness routine” and many were shocked all of it was possible.

According to Paltrow’s post, ““Every morning, I coconut oil pull, tongue scrape, dry brush, and take time for skin-care.” She then went into detail on all the vitamins and supplements she takes, along with sugar-free sweets, almond milk creamer and plenty of lentils. Of course, the Goop founder also mentioned a number of products she has used that have made life easier during quarantine.

“A vacation doesn’t seem to be in the cards this summer, so I invested in the Healthyline Gemstone Heat Therapy Mat mat, which makes me feel like I’ve been on a vacation for a week in about ten minutes thanks to the hot stones, far-infrared light, red light, pulsed electromagnetic fields, and negative ions,” said Paltrow. While not everyone has $1,049 to spend on a therapy mat, with these steps, fans can now start their morning like Paltrow. Clearly the end result is pretty good.