HFM Wellness Center Offers Weight Loss Program

Jul 17, 2020 3:00 PM

HFM Wellness Center Offers Weight Loss Program

With many people staying at home for long stretches of time over the past few months, good eating habits have gone out the window. Along with that, naturally, comes weight gain.

Holy Family Memorial’s Wellness Center in Manitowoc is offering some help in that department and has started a 10-week weight loss program.

This program will start up on Monday August 3rd.

Individuals can work with their certified fitness and nutrition counselors to learn healthy eating habits and lose that COVID-19 weight.

The program will include a custom, comprehensive nutritional and behavioral needs guide, daily support via Precision Nutrition’s© renowned ProCoach® platform, optional weekly weigh-ins at home or the HFM Wellness Center, biweekly meetings with Coach Joni in person or by phone, and optional measurements and photos with Coach Joni.

The program costs $150 for Wellness Center Members and $175 for non-members.

To register for the program, visit hfmhealth.org/org/events/losing-the-covid-19 or call (920) 320-4610.