Join IRI, Thrive Market, DuPont, BENEO for a FREE webinar

So what does this mean for food and beverage formulators, and how are US consumers thinking about self-care, health and wellness amid a pandemic? Netflix and ice cream? Taking time to exercise? Stocking up on vitamin C and probiotics? Trying to de-stress with CBD?

Learn more in our FREE webinar​ on July 23 (10am PT/1pm ET)​, where we’ll be joined by:

  • Jeremiah McElwee​, chief merchandising officer at online health & wellness marketplace Thrive Market
  • Joan Driggs​, VP content and thought leadership at IRI
  • Mark Rohde​, global business manager at DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences
  • Anke Sentko,​ VP regulatory affairs and nutrition communication at the BENEO Institute

The first 45 minutes will be devoted to a panel discussion, followed by short presentations from DuPont and BENEO delving into more detail on hot topics including probiotics, prebiotics, ‘slow carbs’, and blood sugar management.  

If you have particular questions you’d like our panelists to answer, please email rynvar.jngfba@jeoz.pbz​​ or message @EWatsonWrites on Twitter asap!