Grafdoer Forays To Health Wellness Segment With Edhini

Grafdoer, a Kitchenware and Sanitary-ware brand, announces its entrance into the Health & Wellness segment with its subsidiary brand ‘Edhini’. ‘Edhini’ is derived from a Sanskrit word which means the Earth, hence, the product line-up under the brand lineage will have natural products. The brand also introduced its very first product an Ayurvedic Instant Hand Sanitizers under their label.

Maintaining hand hygiene is considered as an essential and effective step for Disease Control and Prevention, in order to prevent the spread of harmful pathogens. Considering this, Edhini is launching an Ayurvedic hand sanitizer. Available in a 500Ml container, the sanitizer contains active ingredients like neem, aloe vera, and lemon along with a concentration of 70% alcohol and other PH balancing activators which is effective in destroying 99.9% bacterias, the company said.

While many retail brands are shying away from making any new brand announcement, Vinay Jain, founder, Grafdoer speaking on the launch of their new line-up under the brand name Edhini, said, “We are proud our country’s traditional medical approach Ayurveda and are supportive of our honorable Prime Minister’s vision of AtmaNirbhar Bharat, which made us come up with a brand that Made In India. Edhini as a Health & Wellness brand will come up with a wide range of SKU’s that will be made from natural ingredients. Our first product under the brand name is Hand Sanitizer that is made from natural ingredients like neem, aloe vera and Lemon and has effective medical properties extracted from Ayurveda.”