Illuminertia’s Eric Montross Advances Herbal Remedies Through Ancient Antidotes

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 20, 2020 / Sound healing, coupled with CBD-based herbal remedies, is Ancient Antidote’s newfound method of promoting optimized health and wellness for the mind and body. Founders Eric Montross and Anton Hasratian are confident that their company’s endeavor will be of great help to many.

The use of cannabidiol or CBD for medical reasons has become widely recognized all over the world. There is strong scientific evidence around its effective results in treating several ailments, including chronic pain, stress, insomnia, and even some of the worst epilepsy syndromes that usually do not respond to conventional anti-seizure medicine.

Ancient Antidote is a full spectrum CBD-based company that is certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The company explores the healing benefits of CBD through CBD-infused therapeutic essential oil blends, salves, and tinctures, which are artisanal and handcrafted. The company only features wholly organic and natural products that have been extracted from hemp grown near Mary’s River in Willamette Valley.

For this company, music and art are the vehicles for healing, as can be seen in the visual storytelling videos of their brand on their social media platform. This is not surprising considering that the founder of the company is Eric Montross, a widely recognized multi-faceted artist and entrepreneur known for releasing over 20 music albums through his record label Illuminertia. He is also the founder of Macroshift Media, a video production company, and he is the author of the inspirational book Summoning Prosperity-Awakening the Creative Genius Within.

As an established musician, Eric has worked with many famous artists, including Digable Planets, Rob Schrock, Dirtwire’s Evan Fraser, and Govinda, among many others. As a music video producer, he recently won two Indie Fest Awards of Merit for his animated music videos for Illuminertia: “Come Inside My House” and “The Inner World of Edgar.”

Growing up, Eric has always been fascinated with music and art. This led him to his successful music career today. Around the same time at the age of fifteen he became interested in nutrition and health after witnessing his father overcome lifelong allergies with nutrition alone, which improved the quality of his father’s life immensely.

Recently, Eric is exploring a whole new venture with his partner Anton. They realized the need for more high-quality CBD-based products in a marketplace where quality standards are sometimes lacking. Determined to help people reach harmony with their physical and mental health, he and his partner created Ancient Antidotes. As a token of gratitude, free sound healing recordings are also given to those who sign up for the company’s newsletters.

All the media design, branding, and story of the company are generated at Eric’s Illuminertia studio, a beautiful LED-lit, custom sound and video creation station near downtown Portland, Oregon.

Today, Ancient Antidotes continue to share wisdom in health with the rest of the world by demonstrating the therapeutic benefits and powerful connection between music and herbal healing. Their main goal is to empower people by helping them understand how to improve their own health and wellness on a much deeper level.