A new wellness center coming to Colorado Springs for first responders, service members

COLORADO SPRINGS — A new Wellness Center is in the planning phase for service members and first responders in the city of Colorado Springs.

Humble Warrior Wellness Center, founded by Elaine and Heath Brewer, is a local non-profit that will provide a safe and calming environment where visitors can implement an array of integrative practices and learn therapies for their daily routines, in order to restore, maintain, or enhance their mental health and emotional awareness.

This idea came to fruition after Heath Brewer, a retired Navy Veteran of 20 years from the Navy Special Operations community, attended a 4-week out-patient program at the National Intrepid Center of Excellence (NICoE).

With the life-changing services he received, his wife was inspired to create a Wellness Center in the Colorado Springs community.

“I’ve seen first hand as a military spouse the amount of selflessness and sacrifice that goes into these jobs and how much they give back to their country and their communities…. in a lot of times at the detriment of their own well-being. If, as a nation, we can’t make sure that our service members are taking care of, mentally and emotionally, well… then we’re failing as a nation, said Elaine Brewer, founder of Humble Warrior Wellness Center.

By providing the tools, techniques, and environment of the Humble Warrior Wellness Center aims to greatly reduce suicide rates, irritability, anger, depression, and other negative effects of post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injuries, chronic pain, and sleep disorders among our veterans and first responder communities.

They plan to offer yoga, meditation, massage therapy, sensory deprivation pods, a sauna room, acupuncture, seminars for healthy living, and more – all free of charge to those who serve.

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