Making a happier, healthier community: White Wolf Wellness Foundation offers free yoga, meditation classes for all | Bakersfield Life

Get ready to unwind and melt into a deep relaxation with White Wolf Wellness Foundation’s free online yoga and meditation classes.

White Wolf Wellness Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in 2018 whose mission is to provide a variety of programs, services and initiatives that create meaningful change within a person.

Co-founder Katherine Winters said the organization gears toward providing free yoga meditation and sound mediation to the community.

“We believe these things should be accessible to people just like public schools, libraries and services,” said co-founder Stephen Winters.

Katherine mentions White Wolf Wellness Foundation has partnered with Bakersfield Museum of Art to cross-promote arts, health and wellness by offering free community yoga and meditation.

Since most businesses have closed their doors due to the coronavirus, Katherine and Stephen wanted to move forward by providing accessible online yoga classes for free.

“Our classes still have the community vibe and feel. There are companies that provide these things already but there’s something missing. We’re here for people when they practice yoga and meditation. We find value in that sense of community. What better way to build community by bringing wellness around your community?” said Stephen.

Katherine also said that White Wolf Wellness Foundation was given a grant for the 2020–2021 fiscal year from Kern Behavioral Health Services to continue providing free yoga classes in Kern County. White Wolf Wellness was able to couple with community centers in Delano, Tehachapi, Arvin and Bakersfield while also offering yoga classes for Spanish speakers.

People can access classes by signing up for White Wolf Wellness’s no-cost yoga. Classes are organized by category, like meditation, anxiety and depression, Vinyasa flow and more.

Katherine said all online classes are prerecorded but wants to be able to do livestreams in the future.

“In August, we are revamping the way we record our classes. We want to expand our reach and accessibility. We’re taking the time now to reestablish a more effective foundation to move with these evolving times,” said Stephen. “Life is not the same as it was last year. We’re not afraid to step out and create new opportunities for people and their health and wellness.”

Katherine and Stephen want to plan an in-person yoga class with a small, socially distanced group when they feel it’s safe to do so.

“I have this love for Bakersfield. I grew up here and brought Stephen home with me from Chicago. This is a beautiful and fertile valley that’s been taken advantage of in some ways and it could be so much better. We want to make the community happier and healthier,” Katherine said.