Napoleon council updated on wellness program | News

Napoleon City Council Monday directed its law director to draft legislation to continue participation in the employee wellness program for 2020 and 2021.

Napoleon City Manager Joel Mazur explained the timelines for the program have changed due to COVID-19, so the deadline this year will be Dec. 31. If they don’t have the wellness check, that employees’ insurance premium would increase by a set amount. The next cycle would then be Jan. 1-June 30.

Mazur explained BORMA (Buckeye Ohio Risk Management Association) has decided it wants the wellness checks done at the beginning of the year so programs and educational opportunities can be tailored to common issues impacting participants throughout the year.

Mazur added the city’s contract with BORMA will expire at the end of 2021 and the city will look at other programs before deciding whether it wants to renew with BORMA or switch to a different company.

Mazur said the city has increased the number of employees participating in the wellness checks each year.

“… Employees and any spouses that are on our healthcare program would have to get a wellness check,” Mazur said. “If we hit a certain percentage, that’s been working the last two years at least, it would lower our premium percentage by 1%.

“Over time, having a wellness plan and program in place … will ultimately lower your health care premiums going forward because you’re catching symptoms of things that would otherwise be let go,” he continued.

Chad Lulfs, who is the director of public works and chair of the committee handling the issue, said the committee unanimously approved the recommendation in an effort to continue the program the city has and to try to keep rates as low as possible.

“We are aware that they are changing our schedule, but we will switch (at the) first of the year,” Lulfs said, adding employees can get the check sometime during the remainder of this year and then early 2020 to stay in line with the new requirement.

Lulfs added the Activate Clinic that’s located in the city can also be utilized for the wellness check, which has increased access.

“That opens it up for a lot more people and makes it more easily accessible,” he added.

The legislation will return to council for further discussion and approval.