Snow falls in Melbourne, Victoria and Tasmania as icy weather blows in | Australia news

Dustings of snow fell in Melbourne’s city centre overnight and Launceston residents woke up to front yards blanketed in white, as a blast of cold Antarctic air crosses Victoria and Tasmania.

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@VicStormChasers @BOM_Vic snowing in the CBD out of our window at Aurora Melbourne Central earlier today ..

August 4, 2020

A Bureau of Meteorology forecaster, Tom Delamotte, said snow had been recorded as low as 150 metres above sea level in Victoria.

Melbourne social media users reported there were dustings of snow on the tops of some central business district buildings overnight.

There were similar reports in the CBD in 2015, according to Delamotte on Wednesday, but the last time snow fell to the ground in the city was in 1986.

There was heavier snowfall in the Dandenong and Yarra ranges and the Alpine region, where mountain peaks saw dumps of 20cm to 30cm.

Tasmania bore the brunt of the wintery blast overnight, with Launceston blanketed in the heaviest snowfall since the 1970s. Great Lake in the central highlands received 30cm and 20cm fell at Scottsdale.

Thousands of homes across the state are still without power and more rain, strong winds and flooding are forecast. The chilly weather will linger for a few more days, according to the bureau.

Bureau of Meteorology, Tasmania

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August 4, 2020