Surge in demand for wellness apps, study shows

Nearly 90% of employees likely to stay with an employer that demonstrates commitment to wellbeing

A survey, conducted by YouGov, has revealed a 28% increase in downloads for wellness apps, such as those used for meditation and fitness tracking, in the last three months – rising to 39% growth for millennials.

As many as 65% employees said they would do more physical activity if they were rewarded by their employer, the study of 2,080 UK adults (over 600 were office workers) also revealed.

YuLife’s Employee Health & Wellbeing Survey also found that 44% most want rewards for healthy living and 34% said they would do more than two hours of extra physical activity per week if they were rewarded.

An encouraging 87% of employees said they are likely to stay with an employer that looks after their wellbeing, indicating that incentivized group risk proposition can help improve staff loyalty. However, 26% of employees said they felt that their employer does not look after their wellbeing.

‘Long-term value’

Sammy Rubin, CEO and Founder of YuLife: “This survey demonstrates the clear demand among the British workforce for benefits which provide lasting and long-term value. Employees feel that workplaces should offer them the tools to boost their physical, mental and financial health, and life insurance provision is a clear and obvious means of helping employees safeguard the long-term financial wellbeing of themselves and their loved ones.”

According to the survey, 31% of employees view life insurance as a benefit with the longest term value – in comparison to other workplace benefits – while 61% agree that they would benefit from life insurance that rewards healthy living.

“The findings emphasize the need for the insurance industry to move out of the adversarial model and create a win-win situation for both the insurer and the policy-holder, while simultaneously revealing the importance employees place on wellbeing,” said Rubin. “At YuLife we are proud to be propelling the industry forward in the both of these crucial aspects.”

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