Jonty Rhodes highlights importance of Ayurveda in sports

  • Former South African cricketer Jonty Rhodes has launched an AI-based Ayurveda company ‘We R Wellness’ along with Indian businessman Rajat Sharma and Ayurveda specialist and sports nutritionist Dr Onkar Rajiv Bilgi.

    Speaking to YourStory, the Proteas veteran opened up on the importance of Ayurveda.

    He believes Ayurveda transforms the health system by providing holistic solutions.

    Notably, the Wellness brand started its operations in July.

  • Quote

    Here is what Jonty Rhodes said

  • “As a cricketer, we were given a very basic understanding of what your body and what your system requires so that you can play to the best of your ability,” Jonty Rhodes was quoted as saying by YourStory.

  • Aim

    The brand provides Ayurveda wellness through AI

  • We R Wellness is India’s first online Ayurveda-tech wellness Startup, which launched its operations in July this year.

    The brand aims to implement authentic Ayurveda wellness through Artificial Intelligence in health technology, ensuring healthy and fulfilling lives across the world.

    The former South African cricketer has been assigned to look after the brand’s unique Sports Ayurveda program.

  • Sports

    The sports industry could benefit from Ayurveda

    The sports industry could benefit from Ayurveda
  • The premier Startup looks to combine Ayurveda with the sports industry.

    This could position India as a global destination across Natural sports recovery, injury management and performance enhancement through natural means of Ayurveda.

    As per ancient scripts, Ayurveda helps in maintaining physical and mental health.

    We R Wellness aims at incorporating this basic principle into sports programs to carve out successful results.

  • Structure

    How does the model work?

    How does the model work?
  • The brand’s ‘Wellness Immunity Program’ model is dynamic in nature and can easily be implemented across offices, manufacturing units, societies, restaurants, and spas.

    By placing the health devices-ECG and SPO2, BMI, weight body fats, muscles, bone mass, blood pressure can be measured by any individual rather than by a medical practitioner or expert.

    Eventually, the data could be shared with medical practitioners or doctors.

  • Fitness

    The program can help athletes attain optimum fitness: Rhodes

  • Speaking on the launch, Jonty Rhodes explained how the sports industry could gain from Ayurveda.

    “Our Sports Ayurveda program epitomizes thought of combining technology with Ayurveda to ensure a healthy lifestyle to the sports men and women of India. The program focuses on how Ayurveda can help sports athletes to be fitter, stronger and enables recuperation in a safer and non-invasive manner,” said Rhodes.