Minds Matter Popping Up All Over The Foothills

This summer mental health will be top of mind thanks to Minds Matter in the Foothills.

The Minds Matter team will be out and about spreading positivity while remaining socially distant and keeping safe.

Paulina Gornicki, Program Manager for Minds Matter says they’ll be promoting mental health this summer both virtually and in person.

“We’ve been doing a lot of activity to try to cheer people up and get their wellness up while building positive connections in the community. We have a couple of events coming up in the summer.”

Gornicki says they’ll be doing a number of events this summer including their “Park Pop-Up”.

“One of my favourites is our park pop-ups, these are unique because we meet our community members where they are at, you can catch us at your local pool, or park or spray park, what we like to do is bring different activities for people to do.”

Minds Matter is out doing different events giving out “Positivit-treats” while out and about.

“We like to give out those treats, weather its a bag of chips, a freezie or popsicle all of course following the AHS guidelines, so we are keeping it safe while its fun and happy.”

Gornicki says they’be doing tons more throughout the summer including scavenger hunts, wellness packages and even partnering with the local library.

“Each week we’ve been posting our Minds Matter logo at a different place, and we are hoping people will visit, check out the place, read our wellness tips, snap a photo and enter to win a wellness prize at the end of the week.”

Minds Matter will also be virtually connecting.

“Every Tuesday and Thursday you can tune into our channel, its called our Minds Matter Chatter show, we do fun activities, stretching and tons more, All of this can be found through our Minds Matter Instagram Page in our bio we have a link to our calendar for our schedule and everything else we are doing this summer.”

Gornicki says of course they are remaining safe and healthy while doing these activities.

“We are constantly hand sanitizing, wearing masks if we have to, remaining distant and of course following all the rules set in place by AHS.”