Preventative wellness is a main focus at HealthSource of Riverton

RIVERTON, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) –

Sickness has been a main topic lately, but there has not been as much conversation about overall wellness.

In today’s world, many do not consider their health until it’s too late. This chiropractic and exercise therapy center, maintains that the most important type of wellness is preventative.

A HealthSource expert noted that they can help people that feel they have no other options, but it’s also best to be proactive in health.

“Yes we can get them feeling better, but some of those things are never going to change again so prevention cannot be overstated,” emphasized Dr. Faubion.

HealthSource of Riverton chiropractor Dr. Faubion stated, “Our mission is to lead people to better health, and we do that through a combination of things. chiropractic care obviously being a huge one. We do wellness counseling for people, stress management, and nutrition. Exercise rehab is a huge piece of what we do here in the clinic, and really helping to get the muscular component and that aspect of chiropractic in there.”

Dr. Faubion says people are under a lot of stress lately, and if we are not managing stress appropriately, it can lead to a host of issues. He says a couple ways to combat stress are through prayer, exercise, and proper nutrition.

“Give your body the fuel it needs, we are what we eat. So if we aren’t getting good things in, our body can’t be well,” mentioned Dr. Faubion.

HealthSource deals in large part with bone and muscle alignment and exercise therapy. Dr. Faubion explains how spinal alignment is so important to overall health and how it affects everything else in people’s systems.

“Your nervous system, your brain, only sends out 12 cranial nerves. The rest of it goes down your spine and out in between two vertebrae. I’ve got this spine model right here and you can actually see these nerves are represented here. So they come out between two vertebrae and they go out to your body, and they go out to everything in your body,” stated Dr. Faubion.

Some health concerns that spinal misalignment causes are pain travelling down the arm, hands going numb, stomach issues, headaches, and acid reflux. Some early studies show evidence of spinal alignment helping curb infertility by repairing the ability of nerve endings to travel to reproductive organs.

Dr. Faubion is inspired by the ability to give others hope and show them there are more options.

HealthSource offers a low cost option for people without insurance, called APEX Longevity, which provides a membership, offering a significant discount. They also accept HSA’s, or health savings accounts to go toward any health services and supplements. Another new option for relaxation and pain relief are their USDA Certified Organic hemp extract oils and muscle creams. They are also currently offering a new patient x-ray and exam for $29.

For more information you can find them on Facebook at “HealthSource Chiropractic of Riverton” or on their website at

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