Fully Activated LLC Keeps CBD Accessible With Lower Product Pricing

MONTROSE, Colo., Aug. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Fully Activated LLC is pleased to officially announce the release of new storewide pricing, with premium CBD products now listed at least twenty percent lower than the standard market rate. In line with lower retail pricing, Fully Activated has lowered bulk CBD isolate pricing and wholesale list pricing as well. 

“At Fully Activated, we’re focused on providing CBD products that are accessible and affordable. We’ve lowered our product pricing storewide as our commitment to you in keeping prices low and quality high,” said Nick Russo, founder and CEO of Fully Activated LLC. “By integrating various stages of production into our business, we are in a great position to reduce operational costs and pass those savings onto you. Fully Activated has full control over the quality of CBD products we provide and remains dedicated to crafting small batch, all-natural CBD for humans and pets alike.” 

Fully Activated offers a wide variety of innovative full spectrum and pure hemp-based CBD products, like CBD oils, 99.6%+ pure CBD isolate, terpsolate, pet products, roller balms, tattoo aftercare, burn care, and full spectrum CBD salve, for a fraction of the price of other CBD brands. As a pioneer in the CBD market, Fully Activated is a well-established industry name, known for taking a compassionate stance toward accessibility and upholding an unmatched standard of quality. 

“Quality and consistency is very important to us and will never be less than excellent,” Nick continued. “Ensuring that everyone has access to CBD, regardless of age, disability, or any other factor, is also paramount to us at Fully Activated.” In addition to competitive pricing, Fully Activated offers a comprehensive assistance program for which senior citizens, veterans and active duty, and SSDI recipients, may qualify. 

About Fully Activated LLC

Fully Activated is a CBD provider that has been dedicated to improving the health and lifestyle of pets and humans nationwide since 2015. Using all-organic ingredients and CBD-rich hemp plants grown locally in Colorado, Fully Activated’s products are certifiably clean, effective, and all-natural. Fully Activated crafts small-batch CBD products with proprietary methods and ingredients designed to enhance relief and comfort, making it the premier CBD option for people and their pets. If you would like to read more information or shop Fully Activated’s products, please visit: www.fullyactivatedcbd.com.  

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