PM Modi on India’s testing rate & how wellness centres helped fight COVID in underprivileged areas

As India celebrates the 74th Independence Day, the theme for this year is to salute COVID-19 warriors. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the country and talks about how India is fighting the long battle for COVID and how efficient we are becoming both economically and socially. He says that India had one lab for testing before the COVID-19 pandemic and now the country has a network of 1,400 labs and is available in different parts of the country. He also talks about how the testing rate of the country was low but now India is testing at 7 lakh tests per day. He also says that the government has initiated 1.5 lakh wellness centres in villages. He says that the wellness centres play a huge role when it comes to battling COVID infection in villages. #15August2020 #IndiaIndependenceDay #IndependenceDay2020