10 beauty and wellness tricks you can learn from Katrina Kaif’s Instagram

If you’re too lazy to try on a new makeup look, or make it to your workout class, one look at Katrina Kaif‘s Instagram account will give you all the inspiration you need. It is jam-packed with workout selfies, glam shoots and BTS moments. 

1) An at-home workout is always a good call

With most gyms and sports club still shut down due to changing safety measures, so a home workout might be the best way to go. “I still think that everyone can do a workout at home. A small workout for 20 or 25 minutes. You don’t have to stress your body out, but even a little bit of workout is good for your immunity,” shared Kaif in her video of her completing a gruelling circuit training sequence. “It is very important to keep your workout session fun and interesting. If not, the temptation to just not go to the gym can be huge,” confirmed Kaif in an interview with Vogue India.

2) An AM exercise session can start your day off on the right foot

Early exercise will help you start the day with more energy, focus, and optimism. “Up and at it,” shared Kaif, who is known to get in a sweat session whenever she is able to fit one in. “It also keeps your endorphins up when there’s so much stress and anxiety right now.”

3) Knowing what works for you is key

There are many diet tips and philosophies that one can follow, but only trial and error can teach you what works for you. “My mom has always told me that healthy eating should be a way of life and not a diet,” wrote Kaif. While carbohydrates were earlier considered to be an unhealthy component of a meal, she says that they work for her. “I try to eat simply and not too complex,” she shared in a post, and says that she has been “taught to not be afraid of eating rice”. 

4) Have your signature makeup look all set

If you have a signature makeup look—Kaif’s is definitely her smoky eye with kohl—knowing the best way to apply and set it is key. “Apply kajal on your lid, close to your lashline, then tap a thin, flat brush into a pot of black eyeshadow powder and press it on top of your kajal line. This creates an incredible depth,” she shared about her go-to.

5) Blush can brighten and wake up the face

Blush adds a healthy glow to the skin, and Kaif likes applying hers on the apples of her cheeks. She usually picks a light pink shade: “Pink, to me, is a classic colour, it is timeless and works for every woman,” she confirmed. Highlighter and contour products are also a must-have in her kit, and can help add definition to the look.

6) Beach waves are a good go-to hairstyle

Whether your hair is long, short, or somewhere in between, mastering the art of beach waves can serve as a great hairstyle, whether you’re going out or keeping it casual. When she doesn’t wear her strands straight, Kaif goes the wavy route, using styling it with a side-part, and often worn over her shoulders. 

7) Experimenting with a totally new look can be fun

With her makeup looks, Kaif definitely doesn’t like to go too far from the classics, choosing a pink lip and kohl-rimmed eyes for the red carpet. She shared that “yellow eyeshadow” would be a beauty trend she’d never try and “less is more!” is her makeup advice. Still, with this bold beauty look that included burgundy eyeshadow and wet hair, Kaif proved that stepping out of your comfort zone can be worth it. 

8) Ice can be an easy de-puffing hack 

Kaif shared a video of herself dunking her face in ice to re-energise herself for an early morning at work, while priming her skin for makeup application too. Ice is able to soothe irritated, reduce the look of large pores, and brighten and tighten the face due to its temperature. If you’re looking for a quick get-glowing hack, this easy and inexpensive way is ideal for you.

9) A good PM skincare routine is important for healthy skin

Kaif is careful about caring for her skin, given that she puts it through the wringer on set. “We shouldn’t take our skin for granted, especially since it is exposed to dirt, heat and pollution daily,” she shared. Her non-negotiable skincare tip to ensure an acne-free, clear complexion? “If I’m at home, I always remove every speck of makeup.”

10) Gardening can be a mood-booster

Working on a home garden can be a great mental boost—it can nurture feelings of self-confidence and can ground you if you’re feeling anxious. Like other celebrity fans of the practice (Anushka Sharma and Samantha Akkineni), Kaif knows the benefits of gardening and eating organic fruits and vegetables from her own balcony. 

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