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In the “olden days” there were ads that were laughable with people standing on a machine with a band around their belly shaking them to lose weight. It seemed silly. Later on came the “shake weight.” But although the benefits were exaggerated, they were not completely off-base according to modern science. Vibration machines can have a slight impact on weight loss but more so, have been shown to have other health and wellness benefits.

In yoga, one of the purposes of vocal meditation and chanting is the vibration it creates in the body. The vibration can help to increase positive mood, improve sleep and activate the Vagus nerve in the brain. Studies have shown that chanting can reduce the stress hormone cortisol up to 14% (Macquarie University: Gemma Perry, Vince Polito, William Ford Thompson Department of Psychology, Department of Cognitive Science). Similar results come from standing on a vibration platform. Lowering the cortisol level is said to help lower blood pressure and increase positive energy.

I recently bought a vibration platform to use for my own wellness routine and for clients because of the low impact, high result benefits. Vibration can assist in stimulating the lymphatic system and increase blood circulation in the body. More oxygen equals better muscle recovery. Helping your lymphatic system also can strengthen your immune system. This is a reason vibration can be beneficial, as well as inversions, massage and bodywork.

Another positive attribute is standing on a vibration platform can help increase core strength and in turn increase balance, reduce the risk of falls and injury as we age. It also can help to increase overall muscle tone and increases the results of any movements done while standing on the platform. For example, doing squats, while making sure you are safely balanced, while standing on a vibration platform will increase the intensity of the squat.

In my opinion, one of the best benefits of vibration is the positive impact on bone density. Vibration plates have been used with astronauts to counteract the effects of bone density loss due to the lack of gravity in space. For those of use, especially women in their 40s and beyond, we need to find ways to maintain bone health including proper nutrition, weight bearing exercise like weight training, low impact activity like slow jogging or step aerobics type activity and dance and vibration of the skeletal system.

I am a big fan of the vibration plates as it is a very low impact way for individuals to increase their wellness. The effort vs. effect is a big payout, and makes a great warm-up before doing weight training, as a bonus to your training program, or if you are someone your medical professional said needs to be concerned about bone density.

I’m available for limited personal training sessions with clients and can show you how to use a vibration plate in your fitness and wellness routine. I’m always happy to answer any questions I’m qualified for and can be reached at

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