Private Investment Opportunity Now Available on DealSquare for Doctor’s Ketamine & Wellness

TORONTO, Aug. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Calgary-based Doctor’s Ketamine & Wellness Ltd. (“Doctor’s Ketamine”), a visionary company that will provide rapid, lasting relief from depression, pain, anxiety, and PTSD through the use of therapeutic ketamine intravenous (IV) infusions, today announced the launch of its $7 million private placement offering on DealSquare. Powered by NEO technology, DealSquare is a joint initiative between Silver Maple Ventures and NEO to make Canada’s private markets better and more accessible.

Recognizing that billions of people around the world suffer from mental health and chronic pain disorders, Doctor’s Ketamine is responding to this urgent health crisis with a well-focused strategy to become the premier global provider of outpatient ketamine and vitamin hydration infusions. Ketamine is a groundbreaking treatment, considered by a growing number of medical professionals to be the most important breakthrough in antidepressant therapy in decades. 

Based on the trailblazing work of Dr. Christopher Romig, Senior Medical Director at Doctor’s Ketamine and a pioneer in ketamine infusion therapies in Orange County, California, Doctor’s Ketamine aims to commercialize this revolutionary treatment, making it readily accessible to people suffering from debilitating mental health and pain disorders. Ketamine infusions have proven to be highly effective, providing rapid relief in a matter of hours or days (most antidepressants take between four to six weeks to reduce symptoms). Patients treated at Dr. Romig’s clinics have shown significant reductions in depression, anxiety, and chronic pain symptoms, with benefits lasting up to six months.

With the funds raised through the private placement on DealSquare, Doctor’s Ketamine will seek to expand their share of the $4.5 trillion Global Wellness Economy by establishing an international network of clinics offering ketamine IV infusions. The ketamine treatments will be complemented by a selection of customized vitamin and nutraceutical hydration infusions to enhance treatment effectiveness and support overall health and wellness. Initial plans include opening and operating strategically located clinics in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, with further long-term expansion throughout Europe.

“Close to 2 billion people around the world suffer from mental health and pain disorders,” states Michael Hale, CEO of Doctor’s Ketamine & Wellness. “Ketamine therapies have the potential to help resolve this silent, global crisis and give people new hope for a better life. By launching on DealSquare, powered by NEO, we’ll get the exposure we need to scale up our operations and expand our range of services with first-mover advantage in under-serviced markets.”

DealSquare is an online private placement platform for dealers, investment advisors, and capital raisers. The centralized platform gives registered users the ability to efficiently find, analyze, share, and subscribe to private market deals. DealSquare offers a fully digital and automated process, allowing capital raisers to publish their private placement opportunities, dealers to complete their due diligence, and advisors and investors to electronically subscribe to a deal. Exempt securities are seamlessly integrated into client accounts and dealer back office systems using NEO technology.

“We welcome Doctor’s Ketamine & Wellness onto DealSquare,” says Peter-Paul Van Hoeken, Managing Director of DealSquare. “The Global Wellness Economy is a multitrillion dollar industry, growing rapidly and attracting investments from larger professional and institutional investors. The listing of Doctor’s Ketamine & Wellness on DealSquare opens up this investment opportunity to the wider investor community.”

The proprietary ketamine treatments developed by the Doctor’s Ketamine team have proven to be remarkably effective in treating some of the world’s most pressing mental health issues,” adds Jos Schmitt, President & CEO of NEO. “Like DealSquare and NEO, they are challenging the status quo and are bringing great hope to the market. This launch on DealSquare will help Doctor’s Ketamine achieve rapid growth and market penetration, while providing investors with a unique investment opportunity that would have otherwise been inaccessible.”

To view the Doctor’s Ketamine private placement offering on DealSquare, click here. The Doctor’s Ketamine ticker is available under DRKET on existing advisor order entry systems.

About Doctor’s Ketamine & Wellness

Doctor’s Ketamine & Wellness is a visionary company that develops and delivers therapeutic solutions for mental health issues, pain disorders, and overall wellness. The company provides custom vitamin and nutraceutical hydration infusions to both patients and the general public, based on the pioneering work and research of Dr. Christopher Romig, who has administered thousands of ketamine treatments to patients throughout his distinguished career.  

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About DealSquare

A joint initiative between NEO and Silver Maple Ventures, DealSquare is Canada’s first centralized dealer platform for private placements, digitally connecting capital-raisers to investment dealers, their advisory networks, and their investors. With the complete roll-out of the platform in early 2020, DealSquare supports the entire private placement process: capital raisers publish their private placement opportunities; dealers complete their due diligence; and advisors electronically subscribe to a deal, with exempt securities seamlessly integrated into client accounts and back office systems utilizing NEO technology.

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NEO is a group of established fintech companies that provide capital markets infrastructure designed for and led by the industry. NEO’s competitive drive, innovation, and advocacy enable change for the better. The NEO Exchange is a progressive stock exchange that brings together investors and capital raisers within a fair, efficient, and service-oriented environment; and DealSquare, powered by NEO technology, is a platform that enables the distribution of financial assets not listed on a stock exchange in a way that reduces costs, minimizes operational risks, and improves the overall investor experience.

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Silver Maple Ventures Inc. (“SMV”) is an exempt market dealer and holding company of FrontFundr Financial Services Inc. (“FrontFundr”) and DealSquare Technologies Inc. (“DealSquare”). With offices in Toronto and Vancouver, the SMV team are national leaders in the private capital markets, developing and operating two fintech platforms to provide access to private markets in Canada and simplify the transaction process.

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