Advertisement: Why hemp for CBD grows best under the Tuscan sun

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Taking a full year to get their hemp strands just right for maximum benefit in oil form, the company is open about their early results while experimenting. “We’re having great success now, but it didn’t come easy,” says CEO, Robert Eadie. “We had many plants that didn’t work out because the hemp strains weren’t suited for the area, but we leveraged this experience to successfully move forward.”

A look at the hemp seeds. Supplied

Motivated by their previous experience, the company focused on the best practices in agriculture to manage a crop that has been reintroduced into a booming industry. Judging from the company’s progress, they’ve landed on a winning formula with their Carmagnola strain.

This strain is native to Italy and is recognized by the EU as a low technical cultivator with low THC, which makes it an ideal option for future products, including topicals. Further, the Carmagnola strain has dioecious seeds, high CBD content and low THC content all of which are favourable for CBD oil extraction and medical-grade flowers.

While it might seem an unusual choice for a Canadian company to set up shop in Italy, Eadie is confident about Hemp for Health’s decision to cultivate their product there. The regulations in Tuscany are the most stringent in the EU; this is because Tuscany really is legendary for its quality of product.

In addition to the benefit of location, a critical factor in Hemp for Health’s early success is the people involved.

“As an entrepreneur, I can say that the companies that have worked are the ones where the people are committed, driven and have similar values. We’re very fortunate with the partners we have — particularly the farmers,” notes Eadie. For the farmers that work with Hemp for Health (with whom the company has just signed a long-term contract), creating quality is a personal matter, according to Eadie. As you’d expect with agriculture being a part of the Italian culture, the farmers don’t strictly treat it as a job, but as a craft that’s embedded in their pride. Despite that, though, there is no room for stubbornness when trying to create something remarkable.