5 Wellness And Travel Tips For Fall

The COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent lock down measures meant that many people were forced to spend their summer indoors. Combating quarantine blues can come in different ways, from redecorating to starting a business. Here are 5 tips for fall’s approach and ways to still enjoy life during the pandemic.

1.    Change your look: In lock down, many were without access to hair and beauty salons and were not able to practice their beauty routines. However, salons are slowly reopening. For example, you can book an appointment with a hair specialist such as Lara Kay, for example, and dye or cut your hair in a different color or style. She is known for pulling off amazing hairstyles with many hair types, from short and straight to long and wavy. This has made her the go-to stylist for celebrities such as Jodie Woods and influencers like Elle Danjean.

Other COVID changes could include a new wardrobe or new tattoo. You can also take the chance to take on a new lifestyle, whether it be fitness, veganism, a CBD-infused lifestyle, or more meditation.

2.    Redecorate: Having been stuck at home for months on end, it is completely natural that you might be tired of looking at your existing home and decor. The good thing about lockdown measures ending is that you have an opportunity to redecorate your house and change your space. If your home, for example, currently features a maximalist design, consider switching to a minimalist one for a change in look. Wayfair
is a great option for online purchases like tiles, wallpaper, and décor.

3.    Travel: One of the biggest issues that people have had due to lockdown as their inability to move around as they usually would, especially during the summer. There are some destinations where social distancing in remote places can be healing. Take two properties in Alaska: Frontier Suites and Juneau Hotels that are great options for fall adventure. This time can also be a chance to try out some new activities like surfing, hiking, swimming and so on.

4.    Social media: Social media has been somewhat pessimistic over the last few months due to the coverage of the outbreak worldwide and other global disasters. As we move forward with the pandemic, you can make a conscious effort to post more positive things to social media. Take Abigail Ratchford, for example, who has turned her online audience into a business and you can do the same with whatever niche you desire. Creating such an audience might not be a walk in the park and might take a few tries. But as Abigail Ratchford says, “if the plan doesn’t work, then change the plan, but never the goal.”

5.    Start a business: Being quarantined is an optimal time to start or grow a business from home. Larry Nolan, for example, is a high school drop out and two-time ex-felon who went on to become the founder and CEO of Hardcore Fitness. The National gym franchise started at a local park as a boot camp and with no assistance or funding Larry grew it to a 4x Inc 5000 company. Nolan has stated that he is actively looking forward to the fall and intends to make the most of it to expand upon his business. While many see challenges in the current post-COVID climate, he sees opportunity. 

“This fall I’m taking my business to the next level post-lock down, we’ve evolved so much in the last few months to embrace a new normal in the fitness world,” says Nolan. “My biggest tip for business owners this season is to get away from the common mindset right now of getting by or making do and truly taking this time to find ways to improve on your product or service to increase value for your end consumer. Look at your current challenges in your business as opportunities to create industry-changing solutions for the long haul and areas to improve on to land your business in a place better than ever before,” he says.

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