Former Coty CEO launches global wellness and beauty company, Present Life

THE WHAT? Camillo Pane, former CEO of Coty is launching his latest venture today. Present Life is described as a global wellness and beauty company and has attracted a US$20 million investment from capital investment firm The Craftory in return for a controlling interest.

THE DETAILS The Present Life portfolio is launching with three brands: Healist, a range of CBD-based wellness products designed to help soothe aching muscles, promote good sleep and reduce stress; Loum, a clean beauty brand centred around the science of calm; and One Ocean Beauty, a clean and sustainable marine biotech beauty brand.

THE WHY? With wellness brands booming, Pane is hoping to ride the wave and become the Lauder or L’Oréal (or indeed Coty) of the wellness world. As he explains, “In most categories nowadays, there is a proliferation of start-up brands that while disruptive in product and business model, often struggle to scale effectively. The hybrid skills of our team sets us apart from large corporates and smaller start-ups allowing us to first create with agility and speed, and then scale rapidly and profitably.”