F J Benjamin : Sets Up Health And Wellness Division To Distribute Airfree Purifiers



Singapore, 13 August 2020 – In its debut in the health and wellness business, F J Benjamin Holdings (FJB) said it has signed an exclusive distributorship agreement with AIRFREE Products Electronics SA, a Portuguese company that manufactures its namesake brand of air purifiers in Portugal.

AIRFREE’s proprietary patented technology uses heat of up to a temperature of 200oC to destroy 99.99% of airborne bacteria, viruses, mould, dust mites and other allergens, that contribute to respiratory allergies and asthma.

The purifiers can be placed in a wide range of places including homes, offices, clinics, hotels and homes for the elderly. They have proven popular in hotels which have to comply with high standards of hygiene for guests.

The purifiers come in several sizes from 16 square metres to 60 square metres depending on room size capacity, with affordable prices ranging from $210 to $600 per unit. They are maintenance free because unlike many purifiers, AIRFREE does not use filters. They also consume low energy and operates silently.

AIRFREE will be launched in Singapore in August 2020 followed by Malaysia thereafter. Distribution will be through chain stores such as Mothercare and Motherswork as well as other brick-and-motar channels and market place platforms. AIRFREE can also be purchased on the company’s website at https://airfree.fjbenjamin.com.sg/.

FJB Group Chief Executive Officer Nash Benjamin said: “We have been exploring opportunities to leverage our strengths in marketing and delivering to consumers products that they need, that go beyond apparel and accessories.

“We’ve identified healthcare and wellness as an industry with long-term growth potential and the Covid-19 pandemic has made our decision both timely and


appropriate. The rapid spread of the coronavirus will make AIRFREE especially relevant to consumers who are now more focussed on health and hygiene.

“In Singapore, three-generational households are common; placing these units at home will also protect the young and the elderly. In hotels, guests can now sleep better knowing that they are staying in an “anti-allergic” environment of high air quality and reduced levels of bacteria and viruses in mattresses, pillows and carpets.”

Carlos Matias, Founder and Owner of AIRFREE, said: “During the current Covid-19 pandemic, I am thankful and proud of our employees who have worked tirelessly to quadruple our production to make our most-needed and unique product, which destroys airborne viruses, and toxic mould technology available to a larger part of the Southeast Asian population. I am also proud that our self-cleaning filterless TSS technology is safe for the environment, silent, and most importantly, that it destroys rather than holds airborne microorganisms.”

Mr Benjamin added that the new health and wellness division will expand the Group’s business over a more diversified base. “We are also looking to add other brands of unique products to enlarge our offerings in this new division,” he said.

“AIRFREE is one of the most trusted brands of air purifiers which are distributed in more than 60 countries around the world. We look forward to offering our consumers in Southeast Asia a product that will cleanse the air they breathe in and destroy harmful bacteria, viruses and dust mites.”

AIRFREE purifiers are tested for their efficiency by renowned laboratories around the world. The purifiers are small and portable and come with a two-year warranty.

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