Faithful-2-Fitness hosts health and wellness 5K run

LOVES PARK (WREX)  —  More than 150 people came out Saturday morning to the Fight Obesity 5K run or walk.

For some people, like Esmeralda Alvarado, this was the start to their fitness journey.

“This is my first ever 5K,” said Alvarado.

After some encouragement from her friends, Alvarado hit the pavement, running in the 5th annual Fight Obesity run.

“This is a step forward to encourage people to get out there,” said Dr.-Kim Doan Katrina, Director of Faithful-2-Fitness.

Faithful-2-Fitness is an organization focused on helping people become healthier.

“Not being able to do as much there is a higher risk of eating more, being sedentary, and not being active,” said Dr. Kim-Doan Katrina.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has hit our area, she says she has seen the rate of obesity increase.

Because the virus has cancelled many outdoor running events this year, she says cancelling her event was not an option.

“My goal was that this is the one event that we are going to do that we have to make it in-person. Even if we have 50 people! But then we had 164,” said Dr. Kim-Doan Katrina.

An achievement she hopes will inspire people like Alvarado to continue to workout and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“This is kind of opening my eyes that I should get to the gym,” said Alvarado.