10 beauty and wellness tricks you can learn from Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s Instagram

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja was an early adopter of Instagram, sharing behind-the-scenes moments, glam photos and throwback snaps, way back from 2012. Through it all, her love for a healthy lifestyle and bold, experimental looks has been well-documented—scroll through for our favourite ones. 

1) Taking care of your skin is key

Kapoor Ahuja has always prioritised her skincare routine: “I religiously follow the principle of cleansing-toning-moisturising,” she had shared. While she doesn’t post no-makeup photos often, the ones that she does post always project glowing, healthy skin. “I think it’s a little dangerous to put stuff in your skin. I think it looks beautiful when some people do it. But as an actor, I don’t think you can do a lot of stuff like put fillers and botox, because it all shows on screen. I really have to take care of my skin, and it’s important for me to do it,” she confirmed. 

2) Face masks are a great self care activity

Applying face packs has always been a popular way to get all the goodness of your brightening, moisturising and tightening ingredients into your skin, but has only gotten that much more popular during the lockdown. Kapoor Ahuja makes a case for taking a selfie while waiting for your mask to dry (most call for 15-20 minutes of application time). 

3) Sun protection is ultra-important

Sun protection—through sunscreen, shades and a wide-brimmed hat—is important to prevent sun damage that can show up on the skin as pigmentation, fine lines and dullness. Kapoor Ahuja knows this well and always covers up while outdoors. She also has a sun care regimen that includes sunscreen and anti-pollution drops to protect against UV damage, especially because she has “age spots, like brown spots” on her skin.

4) Coconuts are great—in any form

Kapoor Ahuja likes electrolyte-rich coconut water, calling it the perfect beverage to “beat the heat” with. Coconut water is a quick hydrator, and helps to balance blood sugar too. But the coconut product that the actor is obsessed with? Coconut oil. She uses it on her skin as a moisturiser, on her lips as a balm “to let lipstick slide on comfortably” and on her eyebrows and eyelids too. 

5) Finding a workout form you love is key

Kapoor Ahuja has been practising yoga and pilates for more than 10 years, adding it to her routine even when she is travelling or has a busy schedule. “She is 5’10” so she is extremely limb-y. Our main focus is on strengthening the long, lean muscle mass,” confirmed Radhika Kalre, a pilates instructor and Ahuja’s long-time personal trainer. 

6) A balanced breakfast can start your day off on the right foot

Starting with a balanced breakfast, like Ahuja’s eggs, toast and fruit kind, can improve energy levels, and can help by increasing metabolic rates and reducing the risk of diabetes and heart disease in the long term. “I believe in living a healthy lifestyle. I don’t drink alcohol, I sleep early, I wake up early and exercise, and I also eat very clean,” she confirmed in an interview with Vogue India. 

7) When you find your perfect red lip, keep it close

When you find a red lipstick that works for you—shade, texture and application-wise—it pays to have it on hand for any major occasion. When she’s not wearing a nude lip, Kapoor Ahuja has on a bright blue-red. Her shade of choice is Dragon Girl by NARS. “I have been using it since I was like 21 or 22. I feel like I [can] conquer the world when I wear red [lipstick],” she shared. 

8) Blush can add definition to your face

While contouring can help add depth and shape your cheekbones, applying blush on the apples of the cheeks can brighten and lift the face too. “I like colour because I have a very small, narrow face. So you know how people try to contour their face a lot? I try to make my face fresher and brighter. So I love using blush; it’s one of my favourite things,” Kapoor Ahuja confirmed. 

9) It is always fun to find a makeup hackWith 

Sometimes, a deep-dive on a celebrity’s Instagram can give us a makeup hack that we’d forgotten about—straight from the pros. Like makeup artist Namrata Soni demonstrated, a toothbrush makes a great stand-in for a spoolie. Dab it into a clear lip balm or coconut oil, and brush your brows upward and outward to keep every hair in place.

10) A bold eye makeup moment is ideal right now

With mask mandates in place, experimenting with eye makeup is a great way to play up your beauty look without making a mess. Kapoor Ahuja has tried every eyeshadow colour out there, including pink, green, yellow and blue. She also likes playing up her eyes because she struggles with products that work for her skin tone. “We just kind of accentuate our eyes because we don’t have the right skin stuff. I hope somebody comes up with like foundation and concealer that will work on Indian skin.”

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