Empower tourism by Chinese medicine healthcare

Currently, the organic Chinese herbal medicine industry is growing rapidly in Shizhu, with 51,563 acres of land for scale planting, nearly 20 species, generating an annual output of 65,000 tons. The planting scale and output of Coptis chinensis account for 60% of China and 40% of the world.

In recent years, Shizhu government has put the deep-processing of Chinese herbal medicine as the priority, by building Chinese medicine medical institutions and senior care organizations.

Recently, the Huangshui Rehabilitation Hospital affiliated with Chongqing Medical University has opened, after receiving 350 million yuan investment from Chongqing Medical University. Meanwhile, 13 boutique Chinese medicine museums have been built and opened in Huangshui area. Currently, there are 13 recuperation sample sites in Shizhu. Traditional Chinese medicine services are provided in more than 75% of village clinics. Shizhu has also been rated as “National Advanced Unit for Primary-level Traditional Chinese Medicine.”

“Considering this year’s special situation of epidemic prevention, combined with the advantages of Shizhu’s dietary resources, we set the theme of this conference as ‘Chinese Medicine with Epidemic Prevention and Healthcare.’ In the next step, we will begin with building nursing homes to create a well-known healthcare center nationwide, therefore make tourism related to traditional Chinese medicine a new economic growth factor for Shizhu,” Yang Linquan, director of the Shizhu Healthcare Commission, said in the live broadcast of “Chinese Medicine with Epidemic Prevention and Health” on Xinhua Cloud platform.

During the signing session of the opening ceremony, Shizhu has signed 15 projects, with a planned total investment of 41 billion Chinese yuan, involving healthcare tourism, healthcare manufacturing, business logistics, e-commerce services, infrastructure construction and other fields.

The “2020 Shizhu Health and Wellness White Paper” which was released at the opening ceremony demonstrated that Shizhu is pushing forward to develop its healthcare industry.

SOURCE China Chongqing (Shizhu) Health and Wellness Conference