Colorado Springs Based Industrial Hemp Farms Lowers Prices On Their CBD Oil

IHF Online offers its CBD Oil at the best price in the industry. A review of prices across the industry shows that prices set on CBD Oil by IHF are often just a fraction of the cost paid to other vendors for comparable products.

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO / ACCESSWIRE / November 9, 2020 / Industrial Hemp Farms is pleased to announce that the firm is now offering its at a price point that is currently the lowest in the industry. Customers are invited to check prices for both online and in-store products manufactured or grown with the same high level of care and commitment to quality as provided by the Colorado firm. The product line for CBD Oil is available in Regular, Broad, and Full-Spectrum categories to give the right level for the customer’s needs.

CBD oil is sold in a range of strengths, as well as various flavors. The hemp oil strengths are available in a range from 1000 mg to as high as 10,000 for each thirty ml bottle. The exact dosage and flavor will depend on the needs and preferences of each customer. Individually, the customers will be pleasantly surprised at the budget-friendly prices set for the company’s CBD Oil products.

The competitive prices are set through economies of scale, as well as control of the vertical product organizational structure. Careful planning and implementation of a sensible business plan have allowed the firm to meet its financial goals and ensure that their products are noted for providing quality products at a price that competes with other companies in the marketplace but is regularly lower than that of the competitor.

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It is even more noteworthy to understand that the producer/distributor’s lower prices are not achieved by lowering the quality or by shoddy production equipment and procedures. The firm is fully compliant with all regulations and state laws that govern the industry. Precision procedures and high-quality originating products are designed to maintain the customer’s expectation of quality at a friendly price.

About Industrial Hemp Farms

Industrial Hemp Farms is located largely in Colorado, where the corporate headquarters are situated, but with growing sites of more than 1000 acres spread across five states. The company focuses on producing, purchasing, extraction, and selling hemp and hemp-derived products in various formats.

Contact Info:
Company: IHF Online LLC Corporate Headquarters
Address: 2810 N Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs CO 80907
Phone: (855) 806-4367


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