Top UK CBD Brand Provacan to Join in on This Year’s Black Friday Sale

LONDON, Nov. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Provacan, one of the leading CBD brands in the UK, has announced they’ll be participating in this year’s upcoming Black Friday CBD sale for 2020. The brand is set to launch their sitewide sale on November 25th, and offer discounts on their entire product range. Most notably, the sale will include 35% off some of the brand’s most popular CBD products.

“Our customer base always eagerly anticipates a sale around this time of the year,” says Provacan CEO Clifton Flack. “Many of our customers use CBD on a daily basis, so an opportunity for people to stock up on their favourite products at a cheaper price, is really an excellent thing for everyone.”

The sale will feature many of Provacan’s top-selling products, including their popular full-spectrum CBD oils, Night Terpene CBD VapePods, and high-strength CBD capsules. Provacan employs a full-spectrum formula across most of its tinctures range, but utilizes pure CBD isolate in its topicals in order to ensure longevity and stability, as well as compatibility with sensitive skin. The brand also offers viewable lab reports that verify cannabinoid content and quality.

Provacan  also offers several lower-priced CBD options – such as CBD-infused oral lozenges – which Flack says are popular during the holiday season and during Black Friday in particular.

With years of experience in the industry, Provacan has successfully developed several top products on the UK and EU markets. For many, this has provided access to CBD that’s comparable in quality to leading options on the US market. There is an enormous range available in the online Provacan store, including several newly-released cosmetics that have been receiving excellent reviews.

“We always aim to be at the forefront of progression in the CBD market,” says Flack. “And as the flagship brand of cannabis research company CiiTECH, one of our ongoing goals is to incorporate science-led data insights with valuable customer feedback. This allows us to continually expand and improve our diverse range of products, and also to develop progressive, next-generation CBD options that are in-line with up-to-date CBD industry regulations in the UK. We look forward to the launch of several new and exciting products in the coming months.”

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