Put the Goods In Baked Goods

WONDERS OF NATURE. Local baker Jasmine Bylander offers tips for infusing your home-baked goodies with CBD.

WONDERS OF NATURE. Local baker Jasmine Bylander offers tips for infusing your home-baked goodies with CBD.

As CBD-based products become more prevalent in the market, more people are interested to see if it can benefit them. For those that are nervous about trying a cannabis-based product for the first time, incorporating a “hemp extract” into their baked goods might be a nice alternative. Here are some tips – and a great recipe – to get started.

1. Source your CBD from trustworthy people.

Unfortunately, many of the CBD products available today are mass-produced by large corporations in foreign countries. Find a trusted source for your CBD – ideally one that has transparency back to the farmer who grew it.

2. Use full-spectrum products.

Full-spectrum CBD products offer more than just CBD. Full-spectrum products contain not only the complete cannabinoid profile of the hemp plant, but also all the terpenes and flavonoids that give the plant its aroma and taste. This trifecta of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids produce an entourage effect, resulting in a much more effective product for the end user.

3. Know that benefits won’t kick in for a while.

When CBD is ingested, it may take longer for the effects to set in, compared to other forms of consumption, but the benefits can last up to 4-6 hours.

4. Don’t worry about getting high.

While there are trace amounts of THC in full-spectrum products, there isn’t going to be enough present in a typical dose to give someone the effects of being “high.” Hemp-based CBD products need to contain less than 0.3% of THC in order to be legal.

5. Be mindful of dosing.

By using a trusted, third-party tested hemp extract, you can be assured of the exact dose per serving.

6. Watch the temperature.

Keep your baked goods at 340 degrees Fahrenheit or lower for the best results. They will take longer to bake, but none of the CBD components will evaporate or cook out.

7. Store your baked goods the right way.

CBD is sensitive to light and does best in cool, dark places. A cupboard that does not get much light or warmth is perfect for storing CBD oil and CBD baked goods. Airtight containers are also recommended.

Jasmine Bylander is a culinary student at Chippewa Valley Technical College and currently works as a baker at Wonders of Nature Cafe in downtown Eau Claire.