New CBD cafe to cater to sweet tastes with homemade goods

Over the years, 300 Bolsover St has been the home to many businesses from The Green Eat to Margaret Strelow’s Chatroom Café to Diggery Dogs and now The Sugar Shack Café.

Officially opened this week, The Sugar Shack Cafe is a patisserie and smoko style café with sweets and pies on offer.

Owner Matthew Westen makes most of the slices himself and soon will have gourmet doughnuts on offer once his equipment arrives.

They also have two types of coffee on offer and it is a new brand not currently used in Rockhampton.

“I’ve always been good at making cakes and slices and thought why not,” he said.

“I worked in a bakery when I was about 14 and never really lost the passion for it.

“I’ve just made custard tarts today, the old school recipe so it’s a proper egg custard and we are going to put a modern twist on it.”

They also make their own jam with fresh produce.

“The tartlets have real chunks of fruit in there,” Mr Westen said.

The Hervey Bay-born man is no stranger to business.

He used to own the Big Inconvenience Store in Calliope which closed due to COVID-19.

Word has slowly been spreading about the new cafe.

“It’s getting here, the hardest thing is getting your name out there and getting people to recognise the shop is there because its been closed for a year,” Mr Westen said.

“You get people that look in but getting them to stop is the next thing.”

They are still testing out what the clientele is, with the nearby residents of Depot Hill or the industrial estate workers.

“We are just trying to feel our way through what people want,” Mr Westen said.


Open Monday to Friday, 5am to 2pm

300 Bolsover St

Ordering available on Menulog and Door Dash